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Iran blasts Israeli raid on aid convoy

The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has vehemently condemned Israel’s brutal attack on an aid convoy headed for Gaza, saying it shows the Israel’s “sheer desperation.”

“Under growing pressure from world public opinion, the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime has now resorted to maritime murder”, said Saeed Jalili, dismissing the attack as “terrorist piracy.”

He said such moves by the Israeli regime symbolize Tel Aviv and Washington’s “60-year opposition to the freedom of nations”.

“The behavior of the Israeli regime over the past year, particularly the terrorist act this morning, indicates Obama’s peace plan was a deceptive move aiming to buy the Zionist regime time,” added Jalili.

He said the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla is a test of will for all those who claim to be advocates of freedom and human rights.

“The US as well as the Zionist regime’s regional and international sympathizers should be accountable to the world public opinion for supporting Tel Aviv,” said Jalili.

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