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Israel kills twenty activitists on the board of aid ships

Zionist forces attacked the international aid ships today morning with war gun boats and war jets. Sources reported that the Zionist forces used live fire and killed more ten activitists on the board of the ships.

The Zionist marine attacked the ship using huge force, the first news reported that the attack resulted killing sixteen people as Zionist commandos stormed at least one ship loaded with pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza.

The international press networks showed footage of Zionist commandos descending from helicopters and attacked the activists, as well as several wounded people lying on the deck of the ship.

The latest news reported that the Zionist forces killed sixteen and injured some 50.

Senior Hamas member Ismail Radwan responded to the Zionist terror attack on the aid vessels sailing to Gaza, saying that “This is state-sponsored organized terror. We are calling on the international community to do something.”

“These are crimes against humanity and against our Palestinian people. We call on all members the Arab and Muslim people to launch protests of rage of solidarity.”

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