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Russia slams Israel crude violation

31 May 2010 15:30

Russia has condemned Israel for its “crude violation” of international law in the deadly attack on an aid flotilla to Gaza, calling for comprehensive clarification on the event.

“Moscow expresses condemnation and deep concern in this regard, first and foremost taking into consideration the deaths and injuries of participants of the humanitarian flotilla,” said a Russian Foreign Ministry statement on Monday.

Russia also requested that all the facts related to Israel’s raid against the flotilla — which killed at least 20 international activists –be clarified, AFP reported.

“It is clear that using arms against civilians and detaining ships in the open sea without any legal basis is a crude violation of international law,” the statement said.

In the early hours of Monday, Israel attacked the flotilla of global humanitarian aids to Gaza, called “Freedom Flotilla.”

The act has provoked international outcries.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has supported the military action against the Freedom Flotilla.

“The prime minister reiterated his full backing for the IDF and inquired about the well being of the wounded,” Netanyahu’s office said Monday.

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