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Israeli airforces strike Gaza heavily

1 August 2010 0:01

Israeli airforces strike multiple targets in Gaza Strip on Friday night at 12 P.M, Israeli attacks caused till the moment of 9 injuries and causalities in properties.

Israeli F16s waged heavy air strikes against Palestinian targets, the first target was Ansar governmental compound where former Yasir Arafat used to receive his guests, while the second target was empty residential building in the Medill area of Gaza Strip in Al Nuseirat refugee camp, and the final target was the tunnels of food on Gaza-Egypt borders.

Medical resources announced that 9 injuries were reached Al Shifa hospital, the resources said that the injuries are in critical and moderate cases while they are having medical treatment in Al Shifa hospital.

Witnesses said that several explosions in Gaza City and Israeli aircraft could be heard flying over the territory.

No doubt, Israeli occupation will never respect the international law, and these recent attacks on Gaza from the Israeli occupation, seriously violate international law and should be adequately addressed and condemned by the international community.

In response to the escalating threat of terrorism, Palestinian resistance factions will exercise its right of self-defense and will continue to take all necessary measures to protect Palestinian citizens till the liberation of whole Palestine from the savage Israeli occupation and will work hard to prevent criminal acts carried out by Israeli government headed by the Israeli extremist Benjamin Netenyahou.

Israeli occupation waged a savage war on Gaza 2008-2009 caused of death of 1500 Palestinians most of them were women, children and elders.

In addition, Israeli occupation used phosphorus bombs against populated areas what caused of dangerous effects on civilians especially on pregnant women who gave disfigured infants while and after the war.

After victory of Hamas in Palestinian elections, Israeli directly imposed unjust siege on Palestinian people for his democratic choice.

The Israeli siege on Gaza affected all fields of Palestinian life, medical supplies were prevented from entering Gaza, fuel, food, construction materials and many other needs.

Israel closed all Gaza crossings including Rafah crossing which is the only gate for Palestinians in Gaza with the external world.

Israel puts pressure on Egypt to keep the Rafah crossing closed to blackmail the Palestinians in their daily lives.

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