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Iran warns EU against breaking deals

4 August 2010 8:32

The Iranian president has slammed the new sanctions against the country’s energy sector, saying the Islamic Republic will reserve no place for deal-breaking countries.

In a Tuesday address in the northwestern city of Hamadan, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pointed out that Iran has always turned sanctions into big opportunities.

“We do not welcome [sanctions] but…you help us manufacture those commodities by ourselves as we have already done so.”

“The West is just selling us some consumer products,” adding that the sanction-imposing countries will only hurt themselves.

“If any European country, on the pretext of sanctions, annuls any deal, that particular country should know it will no longer have any place in Iran’s future market.”

He underscored the Iranian nation would benefit more from its oil revenue when it became totally cut off from Western states.

“You should know that the day you pull out of Iran’s oil industry would be a day of celebration for the Iranian nation,” he stressed.

On July 26, the European Union imposed new sanctions on Iran which mainly target investment in and technical assistance to Iran’s refining, liquefaction, and liquefied natural gas sectors.

The EU sanctions came on the top of a forth round of sanctions by the UN Security Council and a similar unilateral measure by Washington against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

Iranian officials argue that as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the country has the right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

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