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Nuclear war imminent, Castro says

5 August 2010 1:01

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is to address the country’s National Assembly to warn about an imminent nuclear war involving the United States, Iran, and Israel, state media reported.

Castro is expected to address the assembly on Saturday for the first time in four years to sound the warning, AFP reported on Wednesday.

On July 26, he told a group of Cuban intellectuals that he had formally requested “a meeting of the National Assembly… to explain all of the information that I have gathered on this.”

The meeting, to be held one week after the first of the two annual National Assembly meetings, will focus on “analyzing several issues of the international situation,” read the brief official statement that appeared in state media.

On July 31, 2006, in order to take time to recover from surgery on his intestines, Castro temporarily delegated his duties as president to his brother Raul Castro.

In February 2008, Fidel Castro announced he would be stepping down and on February 24, 2008, Raul Castro was elected president.

However, Fidel Castro still holds the powerful position of first secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party.

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