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Three US-led soldiers die in Afghanistan

8 August 2010 19:41

Two roadside bombs have claimed the lives of three US-led soldiers in southern Afghanistan, amid ever-increasing attacks against foreign troops in the war-stricken country.

NATO`s International Security Assistance Force declared the latest death toll on Sunday.

The US-led military alliance, however, did not disclose the nationality of the soldiers and the exact location of the incidents.

The latest upsurge of violence against foreign troops comes as July set the record as the deadliest month for American forces stationed in Afghanistan since the start of the war in 2001.

The latest fatalities bring the overall number of foreign troops killed in Afghanistan this year to 425.

Earlier on Saturday, five US-led troops including two Danish soldiers were killed in the southern Helmand province where their tank was detonated by a roadside bomb.

The rising number of casualties has dramatically slashed public support for the Afghan war across Europe and the US.

As the number of casualties among US-led troops mounts in Afghanistan, so does the public outcry over the prolonged war in the war-hit country where over 1,300 civilians have been killed so far this year, according to Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission.

Civilians have been the main victims of violence in Afghanistan, particularly in the country’s troubled southern and eastern provinces, where they are killed by both militant and foreign fire.

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