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Al Qassam congratulates Islamic and Arab nations

11 August 2010 14:36

Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades congratulate the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim nations for recieving the holy month of Ramadan.

The Brigades issued a statement, said that Ramadan is the month of victories for Muslims a cross history and will remain, Al Qassam added, we remind the whole world that the Jerusalem is still under the Israeli occupation.

“The Zionist entity is confiscating the Palestinian lands, detaining the Palestinian citizens and dividing the West Bank into parts.”

“The Brigades continue in the path of preparing itself to confront the enemies of the mankind [Israel], and confirm that it is proceeding on the path of resistance. The Brigades is more belief in the correctness of its approach.”

The statement ended by confirming that “In this blessed month, we send congratulations for the wounded Palestinians and Martyrs, our greetings to our detainees behind the bars of the occupation. Also we salute the steadfastness of Gaza Strip. We congratulate the Arab and Islamic nations for the holy month of Ramadan.”

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