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Pakistan slams US for drone attacks

25 August 2010 23:31

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom has criticized the US for indiscriminate killings in the so-called war on terror in the country.

“Americans are using indiscriminately the drones to hit what they called high-value targets that killed so many people,” Wajid Shamsul Hassan made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Press TV.

He also acknowledged that the US is conducting extra-judicial killings of the civilians in his country.

Hassan added that there has been a request for a probe into the killings.

The Pakistani diplomat said the government in Islamabad has asked Washington to stop killing innocent civilians.

The drone attacks, initiated by former US President George W. Bush, have been escalated under President Barack Obama. Washington claims the airstrikes target militants.

However, the attacks, operated by CIA in cooperation with the Pentagon, reportedly have killed hundreds of civilians in Pakistan since 2008.

The issue of civilian casualties has strained relations between Islamabad and Washington.

Islamabad has repeatedly condemned the strikes, saying they violate the country’s sovereignty.

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