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Artificial corneas would restore vision

26 August 2010 11:58

Biosynthetic artificial corneas created from human collagen have been used to restore vision in partially-blind patients, AP reported.

The implants led to a significant improvement in six out of 10 individuals after two years, said researchers.

Patients’ own eye tissue grew into the grafts and nerves regenerated themselves. The corneas became sensitive to touch and were even capable of producing tears, said the scientists.

It is hoped the technology will provide an answer to the severe shortage of donor transplant corneas.

The cornea is a thin transparent layer of collagen and cells that acts as a “window” into the eye.

It must be transparent to allow light to enter and also helps the lens focus properly.

Globally, diseases that lead to clouding or scarring of the cornea are the most common source of blindness.

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