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Iran to keep support to Palestinians

26 August 2010 23:21

The Islamic Republic of Iran is resolved to continue to support the Palestinian people despite the pressures exerted by certain countries to dissuade it from its principles, IRI Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said.

“We are resolute to back the oppressed people of Palestine as our Islamic and religious duty and pressures would not halt our religious support,” Larijani reiterated in a meeting with activists of liberation of holy Quds.

He also said that the reconciliation talks create a break for Zionist regime and the negotiations would have no result except it for sure.

“Americans are making a mistake if they think they can find an opportunity in the region to start immature talks to strive for dignity for themselves.”

Palestinian Authority and Zionist regime are to hold direct talks in Washington on September 2.

“Americans have no concerns except Zionist regime,” he said, adding, “since the start of talks, Palestinians’ fate has never been the primary issue for the West, they (the West) raise the subjects of war and sometime peace and reconciliation to support an illegitimate regime that they brought it to power and they must secure it.”

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