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Settlers attack mosque in East Jerusalem

26 August 2010 12:55

Flocks of Zionist settlers attack mosque in East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, where violent clashes erupted between Palestinians and ZOF who came to support settlers.

Palestinian residents in Silwan mentioned that clashes started on Wednesday evening at 3 a.m, when extremist settlers tried to break down a gate leading to a mosque courtyard.

As a response to settlers attacks , Palestinian residents in the area gathered to defend mosque especially after ZOF support for settlers.

Clashes erupted violently when ZOF began shooting at Palestinians who came out to defend their mosque and properties.

Palestinian vehicles were totally destroyed and huge damage was left in the area.

For no reasons, extremist settlers in illegal settlements in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank used to attack Palestinian residential areas, set fire at farms and properties.

Months ago, settlers had attacked many mosques in Nablus city which burned totally, including Quran versions and holy texts.

Zionist occupation shows his racist face for the world by building more illegal settlements on a Palestinian land, meanwhile Zionist authorities repeatedly deceive Palestinian peace partner Mahmmoud Abbas who used to run behind illusions.

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