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US attack on Iran costly mistake

26 August 2010 11:16

Amid US and Israel’s threats of an attack, an Iranian lawmaker has warned against the “costly” consequences of even the smallest US mistake.

“A small mistake by the United States will inflict a heavy cost upon the region and all parts of the world,” deputy head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Hossein Sobhani-Nia told IRNA on Thursday.

“As the US is still faced with problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, it cannot even think of launching an attack on Iran,” he added.

The Iranian lawmaker further said, “The US war plan aims to wage a psychological warfare while it is fully aware of Iran’s high defense capability. So, the US will never dare to attack Iran.”

“The weakness of Afghanistan and Iraq is not seen in Iran.”

Iran has unveiled a series of domestically-produced weaponry over the past few weeks, which include the short range missile Qiam (Rising) and the Karrar — Iran’s first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

Iran on Wednesday successfully test-fired a new generation of Fateh-110 medium-range ballistic missile with improved precision in targeting.

Fateh-110 (Conqueror) missile is nine meters (29 feet) long and weighs 3,500 kilograms (7,700 pounds). The new version of Fateh is a single stage solid propellant.

On Monday, Iran officially opened the production line of two domestically-built high-speed vessels, Seraj and Zolfaqar.

The new generation of the Zolfaqar vessel has been designed to conduct immediate strikes on enemy ships.

Tehran says the weapons are part of its defense doctrine and aimed at strengthening security in the region.

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