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Iran lawmaker: Soft war threat real

27 August 2010 16:06

Senior Iranian lawmaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel says the West has launched a “serious soft war” campaign against the Islamic Revolution.

“‘Soft war’ is not a joke…. It is a serious reality facing the Islamic Revolution,” the chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) said late on Thursday.

“Therefore, to defend the [Islamic] Revolution we need to identify weapons used in ‘soft war,’ and equip ourselves to the very weaponry in order prepare for this war and defend ourselves,” he urged.

The former parliament speaker named media as a soft war weapon and highlighted its role in recent velvet revolutions across the globe.

Haddad Adel described media conviction behind the recognition of the fabricated, illegitimate Israeli regime as the biggest lie on face of the planet, saying Tel Aviv’s legitimacy could never be proved.

“The occupying Israeli regime drove out a nation through conspiracy, killing and terror… this is unrivaled throughout history… but we see this giant lie has continued to exist over the past 62 years thanks to its media power.”

Major television networks with a large number of viewers, satellites and most internet websites are dominated by Israelis, he noted.

Haddad Adel referred to the frenzy following the country’s 2009 presidential election as part of a soft war campaign against the Islamic Republic.

He blamed the post-elections unrest on Western media and satellite channels, which purposefully pursued the developments in Iran and provoked distrust and discord among the Iranian nation.

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