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US-led troops killed Afghan children

27 August 2010 12:52

Police in Afghanistan have confirmed that the US-led warplanes are to blame for the killing of six Afghan children in the country’s volatile east.

Police said on Friday that the children were collecting scrap metal in the mountain of eastern Kunar Province when a US-led plane dropped bombs on the area on Thursday.

“In the bombardment six children, aged six to 12, were killed. Another child was injured,” AFP quoted a regional police commander as saying.

NATO confirmed in a statement that the US-led military alliance has carried out an airstrike in the mentioned area.

The US-led attacks have left several Afghan civilians dead across the country over the past few days.

In a recent meeting with US Congressmen, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that the United States was not making progress in the war because of the growing civilian casualties.

The issue of civilian casualties has long been a source of friction between Kabul and Washington.

The UN has put the number of civilian casualties at nearly 1,300 so far this year. It blames a quarter of the deaths on foreign troops.

Elsewhere in the country, three more US soldiers have been killed in separate bombings across Afghanistan.

NATO says two of the soldiers died in a roadside bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan. The third soldier was killed in a similar blast in southern Afghanistan.

The exact locations of the attacks were not disclosed. The latest deaths brought the number of foreign troop killed in the country this year to 465.

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