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Iran, China to expand media relations

28 August 2010 22:54

China’s Ambassador to Iran has called for the expansion of cultural and media cooperation between the two countries in addition to economic and political ties.

“In addition to exchanging cultural products, Iran and China can also develop closer cooperation in exchanging technical and technological achievements in the field of media,” Xie Xiaoyan said in a meeting with the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Ezatollah Zarghami on Saturday.

Xiaoyan described the long-time relations between Iran and China as historical and said he aimed to prepare the grounds for establishing this cooperation.

“[Establishing] closer ties between Iran and China would be in the best interest of the people of the two countries, region and the world,” Fars News Agency quoted Xiaoyan as saying.

Zarghami also expressed the IRIB’s readiness for developing cooperation between Tehran and Beijing especially in technical and media production field.

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