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Israel on decline: Larijani

28 August 2010 8:42

The Iranian parliament speaker says Israel is on the decline today, adding a new era has emerged where all conflicts are to the detriment of Israel.

“Israeli soldiers are as scared of death as struggling popular forces welcome it,” the IRIB quoted Ali Larijani as saying at a conference on unity among students in the Muslim world.

This is while all wars ended in Israel’s favor during the previous era, said Larijani.

He underlined that in the new era where the Israeli regime faces ‘erosion’ and ‘decline’, past mistakes should not be repeated.

“The question of Palestine is not only an Arab issue, but an Islamic and humanitarian one, and all humanity should feel responsible for the destiny of the Palestinian people,” the speaker said.

He further warned the United States against trying to help Israel at the negotiating table.

“The group preparing to hold talks with Israel should know that this amounts to a historic scandal for them because this regime is on the decline; they want to take its hand rather than pushing it further down,” Larijani underscored.

“The negotiating table is nothing but a way to let the Zionist regime breathe,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani took a swipe at Washington for its anti-democratic position.

He said the US bangs the drum for democracy, but, in practice, it has adopted the policy of countering democratic nations.

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