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Qods, turning point in Islamic awakening

28 August 2010 22:00

Qods should be turned into a turning point in Islamic awakening and fighting against the Zionist regime, IRI parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Saturday.

Speaking in an international Conference of “Qods, the first Qiblah” in Tehran, he called for the entire humanity to feel responsible for Palestine.

He described the Qods Day as an appropriated opportunity to discuss the reality of Palestine and policies of the US and the Zionist regime.

Palestine is one of the most sensitive and tragic issues of the Islamic World, it is an Arab, humanitarian and Islamic subject as well,” he said.

“Those (the US) shouting democracy and human rights in the world have adopted a strategy in the Middle East which forms a front against democratic countries,” Larijani noted.

Talking about upcoming talks between Palestinian Authority and the Zionist regime, IRI parliament Speaker said, “Today, Zionists want to sit with those who do not have de facto authority in Palestine and the issue harms the Islamic World.”

“These groups which want to hold talks with Zionists need to know that their behavior will be recorded in the history as a shameful one,” he added.

“If the US seeks to create fake hands to take hands of Zionist regime, it must know that popular forces in the region will cut off these hands,” Larijani said.

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