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Racism: Israeli police assaults an Arab citizen

29 August 2010 12:52

In a repeated scene of racism against Arab citizens in Israel, an Israeli police patrol in a racist attack assaulted and battered the young man Anis Abu Much from Baka Al-gharbiya city on last Saturday, while he was doing his work as a taxi driver in Tel Aviv.

In an interview with the victim he said: “on Saturday while I was doing my job in Tel-Aviv as a Taxi driver, I transported two Jewish girls in my taxi, one of the two girls seemed to be hangover, they asked me to serve them and transport them to their destination. The victim added on the way to the girls’ destination one of the two girls asked me about my nationality, this question coincided with a phone call from my friend, therefore when I answered my friend in Arab one of the two girls hailed me with swearwords and started beating me, then I stopped my taxi and asked both to get out of the taxi.”

Abu Much who was stunned by the two girls’ behavior called the police in order to report the assault. However when the police came to the scene the police asked the taxi driver to show his ID and driving license, then the victim was shocked to hear from the two officers that he is under arrest. The victim added when I asked why is that, one of the two officers grabbed him and tried to force him to get into the police car. However, when the victim refused to comply, the officers hailed him with punches all over his body, as well as they used tear gas to cripple his movement, but this caused the victim to faint and being transferred to hospital.

The victim received treatment in Hospital and then was transported to the police station ironically for investigation. However, he insisted to report the police assaults to the police investigation unite. Abu Much added this how the police of the only democracy in the Middle East treat its minorities.

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