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Iran, Bolivia reject world unilateralism

30 August 2010 15:23

The Bolivian President Evo Morales has called for concerted efforts of Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia to put an end to the unilateralism dominant in the world.

“People in the world are suffering from the unilateralism of big countries that have filled the markets with their products,” Morales said in a meeting with Iranian Minister of Industries and Mines Ali Akbar Mehrabian on Monday.

“Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia should share their expertise and attempt to make the optimum use of their natural resources to promote the welfare of their nations,” IRNA quoted Morales as saying.

“The world super powers loot the natural resources of other countries and sell the products made from them with much higher prices to the same countries,” he noted.

Mehrabian, for his part, said, “Today due to the resistance of our nation against the arrogant powers, over 85,000 industrial units are active in the country.”

Mehrabian also held separate meetings with several Bolivian ministers in which the two sides discussed ways for expanding bilateral ties and future industrial cooperation.

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