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Prisoner moved to Negev after 20-year bid

30 August 2010 11:34

Zakaria Najib, 55, of Jerusalem was transferred from the desert prison of Nafha to the Negev prison, the Ahrar center for prisoners and human rights studies reported.

Najib, a husband and father of six, was arrested on Oct. 1994 and sentenced to 22 years in prison. Throughout his more than 20 years behind bars, he has been transferred three times to different facilities.

In the same context, the Israeli prison authority (IPA) transferred Yousef Awad of Idhna, Al-Khalil from Ashkelon to the Negev prison.

Awad, 27, who has a BA in psychology, was sentenced to 36 months in prison, but has now served more than 66 months.

In another context, the IPA released Moayyad Mahmoud Saleh Dawud, 29, of Qalqaliya yesterday after spending six years in Israeli prisons.

Hamada Zuhair Abu Eisha of Al-Khalil, 34, was set free after his administrative prison term ended in Aug. 2010.

Abu Eisha, a husband and father of three, was placed under arrest in Israeli jails on several occasions.

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