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Gaddafi’s Men Killed in Brega in Bitter Fighting

3 April 2011 8:26

The bodies of loyalists of Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi lay by the roadside just east of Brega on Saturday, witness to the bitter fighting for the key oil town, an AFP correspondent reported.

Jubilant revolutionist fighters told how a strike by international aircraft took out at least two vehicles in a convoy of seven heavily-armed pick-up trucks and they finished off the rest with rocket-launchers from their hideout in a eucalyptus grove overlooking the highway.

A crater, five metres wide and two metres deep (16 feet wide and six deep), close by the wrecked trucks, marked where the revolutionists said the aircraft struck late on Friday.

The vehicles of the pro-Gaddafi convoy and even the bodies of the dead had been looted during the night and stripped of anything useful — provisions, clothing and even personal effects.

Brega, 800 kilometres (500 miles) east of Tripoli, has been the scene of intense exchanges over the past few days after pro-Gaddafi forces returned after being driven out by the rebels. But it has been unclear since Thursday who actually held the town with the rebel forces regrouping in Ajdabiya.

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