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Egyptians Call on Tantawi to Resign !

Egyptians have remained in Cairo’s Liberation Square, calling for the resignation of the head of the ruling military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.

Protesters defied threats by the country’s military to use force to end the protests. The protesters barricaded the square with barbed wire and beams on Sunday.

“The people demand the toppling of the field marshal,” the protesters chanted.

Earlier, Egyptian troops cracked down on demonstrators camped out in the square since Saturday.

At least six protesters were killed and dozens more were injured after troops used taser guns and batons to disperse several thousands of protesters.

Egypt’s military rulers have warned that troops would clear protesters from central Cairo with “firmness and force” if people continue to demonstrate there.

“Tahrir Square will be emptied of protesters with firmness and force to ensure life goes back to normal,” a senior military officer said.

The developments come weeks after Hosni Mubarak handed over power to Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is headed by Defense Minister Gen. Tantawi.

Activists demand the release of political prisoners, the lifting of a 30-year-old state of emergency and the disbandment of the military court.

The emergency law, which has been in place since former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat was assassinated and Mubarak assumed power, gives authorities the power to arrest people without charge and bans protests.

Egypt’s army has promised to lift the emergency rule ahead of the slated parliamentary and presidential elections.

Protesters also demanded the prosecution of officials belonging to the former regime –mainly the ousted president and his family.

Egyptians say that they are skeptical about a rapid transition towards democracy and civilian rule and maintain that demonstrations will continue until all their demands are met.

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