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Larijani: US seeking to make democracy in Middle East a failure

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the US was trying to make the democracy-seeking movements in the Middle East a failure by indulging in violence in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.

Talking in the opening of the parliament’s Sunday morning open session, he denounced the stances of the US and western governments regarding the public uprisings in the Middle East region.

Referring to the contradictory comments by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the ongoing events in the Middle East, he expressed sorrow that her remarks were full of so much sharply contrasting views.

He said Clinton made opposing remarks about the influence of Iran on the current regional uprisings by saying that they were triggered by Iran and then making another sharply contrasting remark by saying that Iran was after destroying the democratic revolutions in the Middle East through carefully engineered programs.

The speaker believed such contradictory remarks revealed the bewilderment of the US administration, noting that the main problem with the American officials was that they were now regarded as the number one culprits in the region for supporting their puppet rulers in the region for several decades.

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