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Spokesman slams EU sanctions on IRI authorities

17 April 2011 8:31

Spokesman of the IRI Foreign Ministry slammed the EU for its recent imposition of sanctions on several Iranian authorities, adding the EU’s move shows the bloc is incapable of adopting measures independent from Washington.

On Wednesday, the EU imposed a new round of sanctions, including asset freezes and travel bans, on 32 Iranian officials over alleged human rights abuses.

Ramin Mihman-parast said that the action is an effort to deviate public opinion from the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Palestine as well as the numberless EU violations of human rights in Arab and regional countries.

He said that inhuman oppression of peaceful demonstration of people in a number of countries and undemocratic law in confrontation with women veil indicates that Europe lacks the qualification in this concern.

He underlined that such acts show that the issue is politicized and that west has dual standard and unacceptable policies.

He recommended that EU, instead of supporting undemocratic regimes and opposition to democratic and independent countries like Iran, respect viewpoints of majority of people in the region and their legitimate demands and do not participate in these oppressions with its silence and take practical steps toward improving its policies.

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