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2 more mosques destroyed in Bahrain

The Saudi-backed Bahraini government forces have intensified their crackdown on anti-regime protesters and have also demolished two mosques.

Bahraini security forces attacked the crowds in the towns of Sanabis and Daih on Sunday. Gunfire was heard and several people were abducted by the pro-government forces.

Despite a martial law in effect since mid-March, and the arrests of hundreds of opposition figures and political activists to further stifle the opposition, demonstrations continue in Manama and other cities.

Scores of people have been killed and many others gone missing during the crackdown.

Meanwhile, the security forces fired tear gas into several religious sites across the country and two mosques were demolished — one in Karzakan and another in A’ali.

Several mosques have been destroyed so far as part of the Saudi-backed crackdown.

Earlier this month, a video footage showed a mosque in the northern town of Kawarah destroyed in attacks by Saudi forces.

In a series of pictures depicting the brutal crackdown of anti-regime protests, the video also showed burned pages of the Holy Qur’an buried under masses of debris.

Anti-Saudi sentiment is rising in Bahrain, where people are calling for an end to more than two centuries of Al Khalifa royal family’s rule in the Persian Gulf state.

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