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Iranian Army Commander: our armed forces’ combat readiness deterrent

19 April 2011 5:20

Commander of IRI Army 58th Commando Brigade, Zolfaqar, said her Monday Iranian armed forces’ combat readiness is a deterrent factor keeping enemies away.
General Karim Baba’ie added in a press conference on the sidelines of the IRI Army Day celebration march in Shahroud, “Seeing our armed forces’ might and grandeur, deprives them of implementing nay plan, or plotting any conspiracy against us.”
He added, “When the real enemies lose hope in launching military invasions they resort to soft wars against us.”
General Baba’ie reiterated, “The enemy has today targeted our cultural centers and our youth in its sot war.”
He emphasized, “The Muslim nations, and particularly the Iranians would resorting to the guidelines of the Supreme Leader dishearten the enemy from its intentions in its soft war, as well.”
Baba’ie said, “The combatants of Islam and the entire armed forces of the Islamic Republic, including the mobilization Basij forces, have proved their competence in the course of the eight year Iraqi imposed war.”

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