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Jalili: Regional uprisings inject new life into Muslim Ummah

Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili says popular uprisings in the region inject a new life into Muslim Ummah, manifesting the campaign against colonialism, imperialism and the Zionist Regime.
Talking to Tunisian thinker Hussein al-Tariki, Jalili stressed continued revolution of the Tunisian and Egyptian people until materialization of their Islamic aspirations.

He said that Muslim communities do not get their power from weapons but rather from Islamic thought and ideology.

He added that western states and the Zionist regime of Israel are busy hatching plots in the hope of misleading such popular uprisings.

The Iranian top nuclear negotiator went on to say that these days, western states have monopolized the veto right and nuclear weapons in a bid to bring such ideology and model of governance under their control.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, however, presented a new model of democracy and is trying to show that Islamic ideology is able to make progress and resist pressures, added Jalili.

The arrogant powers launch military aggression under the pretext of defending the Libyan people on the one hand, while on the other they allow military attack on the Bahraini people to continue, he added.

The Tunisian thinker for his part highlighted the history of the Zionist regime’s formation which was characterized by massacre of the Palestinian people, saying the Regime is the main enemy of Islam. He said the Islamic Revolution of Iran has inspired today’s movements in the region.

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