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NATO not Targeting Gaddafi’s Military Bases

The Western coalition airstrikes on Libya do not target the Libyan army bases effectively, allowing the regime of the Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi to continue killing civilians.

However, in a show of support for Libya’s revolutionaries, the Western coalition carries out practically ineffective and occasional airstrikes on Libyan military bases.

The Libyan revolutionary forces thus accuse Western troops of siding with the Gaddafi regime.

This is while local residents say Gaddafi’s troops have increased their attacks on the Libyan western mountain region.

Dozens of civilians are said to have been killed in the attacks over the past week. Many more have been wounded.

The Western coalition unleashed a major air campaign against the Libyan regime forces on March 19 under a UN mandate to protect the Libyan population.

Dozens of civilians have been killed in Libya since the US-led forces launched the aerial attacks on the North African country.

NATO has recently admitted to killing revolutionary forces and civilians in an airstrike in eastern Libya but has refused to apologize for the deadly bombing.

The opposition forces have frequently criticized NATO for its failure to prevent the killing of civilians by Gaddafi troops.

Revolutionaries have threatened to ask the United Nations Security Council to suspend the NATO mission in Libya if the military alliance fails to do “its work properly.”

The war in Libya has so far killed around 10,000 people and injured over 50, 000 others, reports say.

The new death toll was announced by Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Tuesday after he held talks in Rome with Libyan revolutionary leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil.

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