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Bahraini forces open fire on protesters

Saudi-backed Bahraini troops have opened fire on anti-government demonstrators in the village of Karzakan, injuring at least one protester.

Witnesses say the wounded protester was taken away by security forces, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Hundreds of anti-regime demonstrators also poured into the streets in the northwestern Bahraini village of Diraz on ‘Qur’an Friday,’ condemning the government’s brutal crackdown on protesters.

Following the protest rally, security forces backed by military tanks and bulldozers rolled into the village. Diraz residents say authorities are planning to destroy village’s mosques.

Since the beginning of anti-regime protests in Bahrain, authorities have reportedly demolished nearly 30 mosques across the Persian Gulf state.

Some of the mosques were located in Karzakan, Salmabad, Bu Quwah, and A’ali.

Also on Friday, Saudi-backed Bahraini troops entered Sitra and Malikiyah to prevent anti-government protest rallies.

The recent protests in Bahrain come while pro-government media is trying to show that the anti-government demonstrations have ended and that life has returned to normal.

According to state media, the Bahraini king has ordered compensation be paid to soldiers and security staff wounded in protests, including housing and other benefits for their families.

Dozens of protesters have been killed and scores have been injured since the uprising began in Bahrain in mid-February.

Protesters are demanding an end to the rule of the Al Khalifa dynasty.

Protesters say they will continue their street demonstrations until their demands for freedom, constitutional monarchy as well as a proportional voice in the government are met.

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