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Gaddafi Forces in Misratah and Kill Dozens

At least 36 people have been killed over the past 24 hours in Misratah after forces loyal to embattled ruler Muammar Gaddafi heavily bombarded the western Libyan city.

Explosions and gunfire were heard on Sunday in the city center and three residential areas, revolutionary forces say.

NATO planes have also been seen flying over the coastal city but there has been no sign of airstrikes.

This comes after Libya’s revolutionary forces said they had gained the upper hand in Misratah after Gaddafi forces retreated.

However, Libya’s deputy foreign minister said government troops had not withdrawn from the city, and instead that they had only halted their operations to let local tribes negotiate with revolutionary forces.

Meanwhile, The Libyan National Transition Council says Gaddafi is playing “dirty games” and trying to divide tribes in the besieged troubled region.

“It is a trick, they didn’t go,” the council’s military spokesman, Colonel Omar Bani, said in Benghazi — the opposition stronghold.

“They have stayed a bit out of Tripoli Street but they are preparing themselves to attack again.”

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