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Meeting of Arab Popular Organizations and Vocational Unions: Syria Will Come Out of Crisis Stronger

8 September 2011 18:36

Arab Pharmacists Union (APU) on Thursday stressed standing by Syria in the face of the conspiracy aims at undermining its principled pan-Arab stances which support the Arab rights.

In a statement concluding the activities of the Meeting of Arab Popular Organizations and Vocational Unions, the APU indicated that propagating false news during the events in Syria doesn’t aim at achieving freedom, prosperity or democracy, but rather an attempt to undermine the steadfastness and unity of the Syrian people.

The statement added that the enemy wants to plunge Syria into chaos and sedition under claims for freedom, change and reforms.

The APU indicated to the importance of reforms announced by President Bashar al-Assad in political, economic and social fields.

The APU added that the enemy will meet these reforms with negligence and doubt since the desired reforms are represented in Syria’s surrender to the Zionist enemy and the international powers that support it.

The statement called upon the Syrian people to be aware of the conspiracy targeting their country and spreading sedition, indicating that constructive dialogue is the only way to foil it and prevent those who claimed the right for all people of self-determination.

The statement concluded by saying that the Syrian people under the leadership of President al-Assad is able to come out of the crisis stronger.

Earlier, Participants in the Meeting of Arab Popular Organizations and Vocational Unions, kicked off at al-Assad University Hospital in Damascus, expressed solidarity with Syria to unveil the dimensions of the conspiracy and the misleading political and media campaigns against it.

Member of the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Bassam Janbeih said Syria is targeted for its pan-Arab stances and its support to the resistance in Lebanon which defeated the Zionist enemy and to the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

Janbeih stressed the importance of this meeting to stress the Arab solidarity in the face of foreign conspiracies against Syria with the aim of controlling the Arab world and serving the Zionist scheme.

Member of the Pan-Arab Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and Vice-Chairman of the General Union of Doctors and Pharmacists from Palestine Sami Kandil said the meeting is an opportunity to express support to Syria’s independent national decision against the conspiracy.

He added that Syria lives a new stage rich of reforms opening the gate for all parties to meet and hold dialogue, stressing that Syria will come out the crisis stronger.

For his part, Secretary General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) Rajab Maatouk indicated to the dirty tactics to try to recruit agents from the inside, in addition to using social networking sites in the unprecedented media campaign to incite the general opinion in the interest of the American – Zionist scheme.

Maatouk stressed that the decisions of the EU and the US which claimed to be keen on the Syrian people’s rights are destroying this people and their right to safe life, calling for enhancing the national unity and foiling attempts of sowing sedition.

Member of the Syrian Socialist National Party from Lebanon Kamal Nabulsi stressed that political and economic reform is a need for all world countries when it serves the citizens but it is completely rejected when it is dictated from the outside to serve foreign agendas.

He said that mass media have lost their professionality the moment they managed from black rooms that permit the killing of women, children, soldiers and army officials.

The Lebanese participants expressed solidarity with Syria, the only supporter for the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, adding that what Syria faces from the beginning of the 20th century targets its position in the Arab region.

They also stressed rejection of all forms of foreign interference, weapon smuggling and incitement campaigns, voicing support to national dialogue to move forward in reforms.

In a political analysis of events in Syria, Coordinator of Al-AMAN Network for Strategic Studies, Anees Naqqash considered what Syria faces as a “real war with the aim of destroying the internal structure and escalating conflicts in the region to reach the main objective of this war represented in serving Israeli and Zionist interests.”

Naqqash added that this war won’t succeed in weakening Syria or weakening its pivotal role.

For his part, Head of the Arab Pharmacists Union (APU) Adib Shanan told SANA that Syria faces a serious conspiracy to interfere in its internal affairs and undermine its strength and steadfastness against western plots, calling all Arabs to stand by Syria’s leadership and people to overcome the crisis.

Member of the APU Executive Office, Hussein Sorour, said the media campaigns led by some Arab and western satellite channels to falsify facts and broadcast lies aim at distorting Syria’s reputation and sowing sedition among its people.

In turn, Member of the APU Executive Office Talal Obeidat said the conspiracy aims at undermining Syria and fragmenting the region to restructure it in accordance with Zionist and western ambitions.

The Meeting was organized by the Presidency of Arab Pharmacists Union (APU) in cooperation with the Association of Syrian Pharmacists.

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