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Senior cleric calls for unity with Al-Azhar

11 September 2011 10:05

An Iranian jurisprudent says “now that the Egyptian awakening has occurred, we hope our perpetual wish to unify with Al Azhar come true.

At a meeting with Kuwaiti media men, Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi, a high ranking Iranian jurisprudent referred to the past scientific glory in Muslim countries and said “When Europe was in dark ages, Muslims were front runners in scientific fields but unfortunately, scientific progresses in Muslim lands slowed down, leading to the ongoing situation.”

He said that Muslims should revive their past glory, notably in Islamic and humanities and Muslim journalists and reporters roles are essential.

The ayatollah pointed to the smear campaign launched by enemies to paint a coarse picture of Islam and said “the enemies have depicted a dark picture of Islamic Iran but you, as Muslim journalists may display the true picture of Iran across the world.”

The Ayatollah also pointed to the relations between Tehran and Kuwait city and said “the two countries enjoy friendly ties, if enemies do not intervene to mar relations between the two nations.

Ayatollah Makarem also urged the need to consolidate ties between the elites and dignitaries of the two nations.

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