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Video-Our Great Martyrs…Hallmark of Victory: Hassan Maatouq

13 September 2011 18:34

Hassan Ali Maatouq was born in the Holy Month of Ramadan, on the 1st of November, 1976 in Beirut, but was originally from the occupied southern village of “Western Seer”.

Hassan left school when he was 12-years-old, because of the instable security situation that prompted his family to relocate every while and then, and because of the bad economic situation. Due to that, the young boy learned the technicalities of fixing cars and started working in that field.

He lived in a modest surrounding, with a family that was constantly concerned of how to provide essential material for survival.

The case did not change until late Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi, his wife, and child were martyred in February, 1992. Hassan’s life changed dramatically after that, as he decided to join Al-Mahdi scouts.

Hassan further started visiting his village in a more frequent way, and he got to meet martyr Rabih Khodor Maatouq, who was a great Islamic Resistance hero, and who’s martyrdom left a great impact on Hassan.

After the martyrdom of Rabih, Hassan made an oath not to abandon the resistance until attaining a similar martyrdom. Since that date, Hassan joined the Islamic Resistance and stayed in South Lebanon, the region he loved the most.

And so, the martyr’s life transformed into complete devotion to Allah and the path of His Prophet and Household. He started attending religious and educational lectures, regularly performed his prayers, and recited supplications related to the Prophet, His Household, as well as Imam Mahdi (as).

He also underwent various military courses, and took part in successful operations in which he revealed great courage and bravery. In one operation, an Islamic Resistance fighter got injured near the barbed wire, but Hassan refused to leave without carrying him despite the serious and critical situation.

In the battlefield:

On the 12th of July 2006, Hassan received his call for duty in the battlefield, and so he bid farewell to his wife and children, and departed.

Hassan used to say: “When an accident falls, I take all earthly matters out of my mind, and I live a state of serenity, for I have a duty that I should perform, and if anything is to go wrong because of my waver and weakness, I would then be the cause of what would befall the nation.”

On the 27th of July, Israeli warplanes intensively bombarded the same location Hassan was in, and he was instantly martyred after 15 days of courageously performing his duty.

The martyr’s body remained in the battlefield for three days, until the resistance fighters were able to move it to the hospital. Martyr Hassan was buried on the 31st of July 2006.

After the war was over, a symbolic funeral for him was held in his village.

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