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Sayyed Safi al-Din: Who Wanted to Isolate Resistance is Isolated

17 September 2011 18:57

The head of the Executive Council in Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safi al-Din said that “the conspiracy against the Lebanese resistance continues since its inception.”

In his speech delivered Thursday, His Eminence stated that “the resistance has proven its ability to cope and foil the bets plotted against it through policies and misinforming propaganda.”

“The resistance is no longer an option but turned to a rooted destiny that no power in the world can change,” he emphasized.

On the internal level, he viewed that “those who left power in Lebanon and weren’t able to maintain and stay in have set a number of objectives aiming at isolating the resistance.”

“Their screams rise and they declared openly their hostility to the resistance’s weapons and began to use media and misrepresenting in order to siege,” Sayyed confirmed.

“The International Tribunal is only one of tools used in this context,” His Eminence clarified.

“Where are they today and where is the resistance? Whoever wants to isolate it today is isolated, their options are weak, they lack a political project and all they are waiting to see is what will happen in Syria.” His Eminence added.

“Western countries today are troubled and confused in light of the ongoing changes and they are moving in their way to collapse,” Sayyed Safi al-Din noted stressing that “the US threat to the Egyptian people who demonstrated outside the “Israeli” Embassy in Cairo confirmed that the US administration does not want people’s interests but only its interests and the “Israeli” enemy interests.”

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