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‘Second Islamic Awakening on horizon’

17 September 2011 23:56

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says a second current of Islamic Awakening is taking shape against the Zionist regime of Israel.

“It seems as if the second wave of Islamic Awakening in …the fight against the Zionist regime [of Israel] is starting to reveal itself,” Brig. Gen. Vahidi said in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday, Mehr News Agency reported.

Speaking on the sidelines of the first International Conference on Islamic Awakening, Vahidi said, “This awakening will remove all obstacles from its way, and this anti-Zionist wake will take form in other Muslim countries.”

He said regional developments had achieved more depth considering the recent developments in Egypt, such as the Israeli embassy takeover in Cairo.

Anti-US and anti-Israeli sentiments have been on the rise in the region since the early months of the year, when popular revolutions toppled Western-backed regimes in Tunisia and Egypt.

The revolutions have been followed by popular protests in Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia against the discriminatory policies of ruling regimes.

The Iranian defense minister said it was useless for dictatorial regimes to put up resistance against these uprisings.

“The dictators must give in to the demands of the peoples, which are the rule of Islam and fighting the [global] arrogance and the Zionist regime,” he said.

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