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The Proud of Islam Iran’s Islamic Army’s new magnificient electronic warfare project

17 September 2011 13:51

A senior Iranian air defense commander announced on Saturday that the country plans to equip its air defense units with a state-of-the-art electronic warfare technology to be used for detouring enemies’ guided missiles.
Speaking to FNA, Lieutenant Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base for Electronic Warfare Colonel Moharram Qolizadeh pointed to the key role of electronic jamming systems in winning electronic warfare, and said Iran is seeking to go one more step to deceive and detour the incoming guided missiles.

“When a guided missile is launched by the enemy, it is not possible to destroy it through jamming systems, but it is only possible to redirect it in a way that the missile loses its precision targeting capability,” Qolizadeh added.

“We have a project at hand that is in fact a stage ahead of jamming to ‘deceive’ the incoming missiles,” the commander announced, and stated, “At this stage, we disrupt transmission of data to the data processing unit of incoming missiles and reprogram it with our own information and redirect the missile towards our desirable point.”

He further said that the highly advanced technology will be used in the country’s air defense systems in the near future.

Last August, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmadi Vahidi said that Tehran is capable of producing different kinds of electronic warfare systems to fight back enemies’ possible electronic war against Iran.

“The communication tools and equipment produced by the Iranian experts have helped us establish fully desirable land, air, sea and defensive communications at tactical and non-tactical levels for the Armed Forces,” he said at the time.

Vahidi described security, resistance, smartness, modernity, low volume and weight as well as high efficiency as the special features of Iran’s electronic products.
Islamic Iran’s recent planning about electronic warfare systems is meaningful with latest developments in the region. Espicially Us-Turkey agreement about installing the NATO Radar system to Turkey. After this agreement it is believed that Turkey gains a radar but loses neighbourly trust.

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