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Iran cmdr. hails Israeli embassy attack

18 September 2011 0:04

A senior Iranian commander has described the recent storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo by Egyptian protesters as a turning point in the latest developments in the Middle East and North of Africa.

“Just as the takeover of the so-called US embassy in Tehran became a turning point in the Islamic Revolution, the storming of the Zionist regime’s (Israel) embassy in Cairo… is definitely a golden chapter in the history of developments in Egypt and the region,” said Brigadier General Seyyed Masoud Jazayeri, the deputy head of Iran’s Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff, quoted by IRNA on Saturday.

General Jazayeri added that the incident would prevent any future reconciliation with Israel.

On September 9, Egyptian protesters stormed the Israeli embassy premises in Cairo after the Friday prayers to call for the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador.

The protesters tore down the flag from the embassy for the second time in less than a month, and destroyed parts of the protective cement wall around the embassy and broke into the building.

Zionist Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Levanon left Cairo a few hours after demonstrators stormed the embassy, saying he would not return to Cairo as long as the city remains unsafe for Israelis.

The Iranian commander warned Egyptians against the efforts of enemies to infiltrate ‘seditionist elements’ into the revolution.

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