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Islamic Iran’s army to wipe out US-backed PJAK in coming days

18 September 2011 10:09

Commander of Iran’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan says the Islamic Republic will eradicate the terrorist group called the Party for Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) in the coming days.

“PJAK terrorist group will be wiped out in the coming days and complete security will be restored to the borders,” Pourdastan said on Sunday.

The senior commander pointed out that “the Islamic Republic of Iran has enormous military strength, and therefore, a small terrorist group like PJAK cannot be considered a threat,” IRNA reported.

Pourdastan described the army’s operations conducted so far against the terrorist group as “successful,” saying that as a result, PJAK has been weakened and its activities have been severely curtailed.

He went on to say that presently there are no specific areas of insecurity threatening Iran’s borders.

PJAK is an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) — listed as a terrorist organization by many countries and international bodies — and regularly engages in armed clashes with Iranian security personnel along the country’s western borders with Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

The terrorist group launches attacks from Iraq’s Qandil Mountains in the areas under the control of Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), in coordination with the Army’s Ground Forces, has been fighting PJAK terrorist elements over the past weeks in order to establish security and stability in the area.

PJAK has lost a great number of its positions, including tunnels and bunkers in the area following the operations by Iran’s military forces. A large number of PJAK forces have also been killed, injured or captured in the process.

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