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National Dialogue Highlights National Unity, Self-Determination

19 September 2011 4:06

The national dialogue sessions discussed on Sunday the political, social and economic issues with the participation of representatives of all activities and political parties.

In Damascus, the national dialogue conference discussed the financial and economic policy of Syria as well as the social market economy and the effects of tax evasion on national economy.

Discussions also stressed the importance of encouraging Syrian investors to set up business in their homeland and supporting the infrastructure and housing.

In Aleppo city, Governor of Aleppo Mouaffaq Ibrahim Khallouf pointed out to the importance of dialogue in crystallizing the national vision to boost reforms.

Participants called for providing the countryside of Aleppo with the basic needs through setting up development and service projects.

In Homs city, the national dialogue session focused on the political axis and the current challenges and the means of maintaining the national unity.

Participants stressed the importance of holding such meetings permanently and listening to all sides under the ceiling of the homeland.

National Dialogue Highlights National Unity, Self-Determination Tags

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