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Commander: Islamic Republic Guard Corps cannot stand existence of any armed anti-revolutionary force in Iran

27 September 2011 12:40

Commander of Islamic Republic Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Ashoura Brigade said here Monday as guardian of revolution’s values and fundamentals, IRGC would never stand presence of even a single armed anti-revolutionary force within our country’s borders.

IRGC Brigadier Ali-Akbar Purjamshidian referring to the presence of Imam-e-Zaman Troops of the Ashoura Brigade in the northwest region of Iran to encounter the Pajak terrorist grouplet, added in an interview with IRNA, “This special task troop will not cease fighting till uprooting the nasty terrorist forces from that region of our sacred land.”
He reiterated, “Unfortunately, the armed anti-revolutionary forces that have penetrated into our country’s northwest regions through the long and porous borders there ever since years ago have been creating countless problems for our dear boarder region dwelling citizens, but the brave combatants of Islam would not permit them to do so any longer.”
Brigadier Purjamshidain referring to the successful operations launched by the IRGC in the northwest region of the country, reiterated, “In the course of those operations the terrorist forces of Pajak have suffered very high losses and casualties.”
He added, “After the completion of the operations against the anti-revolutionary forces the IRGC forces can brief the nation about the noticeable and precious outcomes of them.”
Stressing the selfless and exemplary braveries of the commandoes of Imam-e-Zaman Troops, the Commander of Ashoura Brigades concluded his remarks arguing, “These forces will not cease efforts aimed at safeguarding the values of the revolution and the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran till the last drop of blood runs in their veins.”
In related news, the American CBS news reported yesterday that Turkey’s prime minister on Sunday signaled a joint military offensive with Iran against the two country’s common enemy: Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq.
Turkey and Iran are now working together and are ‘determined,’ Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
‘There is no question of any postponement,’ Erdogan said in a clear reference to a possible joint military operation against the main Kurdish rebel base on Qandil Mountain which sits on the Iraqi-Iranian border deep inside northern Iraq.
‘I regret to say this but there will be a price for it,’ Erdogan said, apparently referring to possible military losses in a cross-border offensive against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, which has been waging a war for autonomy in Turkey’s southeast.
It was not immediately clear if the two countries are planning a highly risky and difficult ground offensive at Qandil, which has reportedly been turned into a mine field by the rebels in a bid to protect themselves.
The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan, or PeJak, is an offshoot of the PKK that the US and the European Union have both labeled a terrorist group.
The Iranian Kurds make up 14 percent of the country’s population.
Iranian artillery units often fire salvos at Qandil, and Turkish warplanes stage bombing raids against suspected rebel bases there, but the rebels reportedly rush into deep caves when they hear the whistling shells or the roar of the jets.
Turkey has already been pressing the Iraqi Government to clamp down on Kurdish guerrillas who use Iraq as a base.
Kurdish rebels have dramatically escalated their attacks in Turkey since July, killing dozens of security personnel and at least 10 civilians — including three people in a car bombing in the Turkish capital last week.
Erdogan said Friday that Turkey would only halt its military drive if the rebels ‘lay down their arms.’
On Sunday, Erdogan said his country would maintain its fight against ‘terrorism.’
The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people in Turkey since the rebels took up arms in 1984.

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