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FM: Brazil interested in improvement of cooperation with Iran over major int’l issues

27 September 2011 12:28

Brazilian Foreign Minister announced here Monday his country is interested in improvement of cooperation with Iran as an important regional player over significant international issues, particularly in UN field.

According to IRNA, Antonio Patriota in a relatively long meeting at the UN Headquarters with Iran’s Foreign Minster Ali-Akbar Salehi discussed and exchanged opinions on the most important international developments, and sought ways for broadening bilateral cooperation.
The Brazilian foreign minister referred to the good level of bilateral political ties, stressed the need for broader level consultations between Tehran and Brasilia, and added, “The last year Tehran-Brasilia-Ankara Communiqué was a sign for the three countries’ very close ties, and their continuation and further broadening is a necessity today.”
Patriota said, “That communiqué was a cornerstone for continuation of dialogues and constructive interactions, rather than confrontation and threats, but unfortunately due to the intrigues of certain sides it did not work, and now a year on, the question is: what has been the fruit of the pressures imposed and the sanctions against Iran.”
The Brazilian foreign minster meanwhile emphasized the importance of the role that Iran is playing in crisis solving in Afghanistan.
He welcomed broadening the level of bilateral cooperation in economic, scientific, medical, technological, and tourism fields.
Patriota reiterated that Iran is an important regional player and has a huge market in the Middle East which are two good reasons for Brazil to aim for broadening the level of cooperation with Iran.
The IRI Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi, too, in the meeting reiterated that despite the geographical distance between Iran and Brazil the shared interests are many, and Iran, as an important country in the middle of the sensitive region, and Brazil as an emerging important player in the international scene, have great space and facilities for greater bilateral cooperation.
He meanwhile referred to the broad capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in energy, technological, scientific, economic, and pharmaceutical fields, pointing out that the two countries have much broader potentials for cooperation than their current level of ties.

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