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‘US behind global economic woes’

27 September 2011 6:43

A member of Iran’s Expediency Council says wrongful and profit-seeking policies of the United States are the main cause of the world’s economic problems.

“The United States is the world’s biggest economic power whose debt is equal to its gross domestic product and this has decreased the country’s global credit rating,” Ali Aqa-Mohammadi told IRNA on Monday.

The official added that the American statesmen have chosen to plunder the resources of other countries to sustain and save themselves.

“The United States has also disturbed global economic markets by circulating unsupported dollars. So, other countries have been buying gold… due to distrust in their dollar reserves and this has caused recent fluctuations in global gold prices,” he said.

Aqa-Mohammadi noted that there are three million prisoners in the US and families are facing dire problems as a result of their government’s wrongful policies.

“Due to its numerous domestic problems and to make up for its expenses, the United States is forced to deploy troops and cause military tension in other countries,” he added.

Aqa-Mohammadi also said that in order to make up for their losses, some American officials create insecurity in oil-rich countries and sell them arms.

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