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Iran foreign minister portrays bright future for Mideast

9 February 2012 18:47

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says a “bright and promising” future awaits the Middle East following the establishment of popular governments in the region.

In a Wednesday meeting with Khalil Hamdan, the special envoy of Lebanon’s Parliament speaker Nabih Berri, in the Iranian capital of Tehran, Salehi stressed the importance of bolstering relations among regional nations amid the ongoing developments, urging Muslim nations to reinforce unity.

The Iranian minister hailed the effective role of Berri in supporting Lebanon’s resistance movement and strengthening solidarity among Muslim countries in the region.

Hamdan, who is also a member of the Lebanese Amal Movement, warned against plots by enemies of the Muslim world, particularly israel, to sow discord among regional Muslim nations.

He expressed confidence that the anti-Israeli resistance front in the region would be strengthened through the support of the Islamic Republic and vigilance of regional people.

Hamdan and Salehi also exchanged views on the latest developments in the region following the sweeping wave of the Islamic Awakening in the Middle East.

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