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Iranian researcher invents newest spectroscopy method to analyze catalyst level

Date and Time:16 April 2012 - 20:30 - Print This Post Print This Post Share

A new infrared spectroscopy method has been developed by an Iranian researcher and German scientists to study the process of catalyst level which plays a significant role in making basic chemical material.

The processes at the oxide monocrystals surface were studied by the scientist and then the results were implemented in powders which are an essential form of oxide materials.

Using the method, the gap between basic research on real catalysts and fundamental research on reference systems was disappeared.

The new combination instrument for infrared spectroscopy will measure the vibration frequency of carbon monoxide. The vibration frequency value is very much sensitive to defects.

Removal of individual atoms from oxide materials result in such defects.

The scientists used the new infrared spectroscopy combination device and developed a method, which was calibrated initially for reference systems. They measured real catalyst powders’ defect densities with the help of the spectrometer.

Rutile is the most significant and modified form of titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is utilized by the scientists for showing the new process.

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