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Iran warns of using Strait of Hormuz in case of danger

25 June 2012 16:00

The Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said on Monday the country would use its all levers particularly Strait of Hormuz if its nation is endangered.

General Pourdastan referred to the probability of holding two or three maneuvers in current year as well as unveiling the Army Ground Forces’ new achievements on September 21 and stressed the use of those levers including the Strait of Hormuz if the country is put in danger.

He referred to imposition of tougher sanctions including oil sanctions against Iran by western countries and the probability of the use of Strait of Hormuz, saying imposition of new sanctions by the West would not affect the country’s move, but all levers including the Strait of Hormuz would be used to defend the country, if the nation is in danger.

General Pourdastan added imposition of sanctions has not affected the progress of the country in a negative way, but has led to the creation of various opportunities inside the country.

Iranian senior official referred to the news released on the probability of holding joint drills with Russia and Syria, saying there is no official program has been scheduled for the issue but the country possesses the capability to do so.

He referred to recent developments in Syria, adding hegemonic powers tried to remove Syrian government from power, but Syrian state chose the best way and stood against all pressures, succeeding to pass though the crisis.

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