8 Martyrs in FSA Shelling on Palestinian Camp, Syrian Army Repels Attacks on Taftanaz Airport

At least 8 civilians were martyred Sunday and 70 others injured as more than 10 mortar shells were fired by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” [FSA]on the Yarmouk Palestinian refugees camp.

In details, the spokesperson of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Anwar Raja informed al-Intiqad website “Most of the victims and wounded are civilians.”

He further mentioned that shells have slammed at least three streets in the camp.

“As the FSA failed to involve the Palestinians in the 20-months unrest in Syria, it clearly announced, a few days ago, that they will drag the Palestinian camps to the circle of fire and power,” Raja revealed.

In parallel, he unveiled: “The FSA militants announced the formation of a Palestinian brigade, “The Storm Brigade”, to fight with the rebels.”
“This brigade is formed, under a fictitious name, of mercenaries who have nothing to do with the Palestinians,” the Palestinian official stated.

Moving to Idleb, al-Intiqad reported that the Syrian Army succeeded in confronting the surrounding armed groups’ attacks at Taftanaz Airport.
“For the second day in a row, the Syrian Forces repelled four infiltration attempts of armed groups to occupy the airport,” the website learned.

Meanwhile, it mentioned that Syrian Armed Forces destroyed the rebels’ equipment including cars supplied with medium weapons.

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