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US-backed militants verge of total collapse in Syria: Analyst

7 December 2012 21:41

A political analyst tells Press TV that foreign-backed militants are experiencing worst-ever defeats in certain areas in Syria.

The comments came after the Syrian military sources denied reports that foreign-backed militants have taken control of the Damascus international airport. State media say some Arab news channels are trying to raise the spirit of terrorists by spreading false news.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, political commentator, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We are looking at what appears to be a pretext on Syria, the chemical weapons is now being used and repeated by the US President Barack Obama even Ban Ki-moon and some other governmental officials. In the meantime the video surfaced on the internet which it showed these so-called insurgents using poisonous gas. What are we to make of the maneuvering by these countries such as the US? Is this a pretext for them getting involved in Syria?

Al-Halabi: First of all let me quote the Israeli certain officials when they said all this campaign against Syria towards accusing Syria that have certain chemical weapons or other mass destruction weapons that can be used or might be used in certain clashes here inside Syria, it was a kind of an attempt to make deterrence to Syria, to frighten Syria as long as they are witnessing that those terrorist military groups are getting more and more defeats in certain areas and all these allegations about the airport or the road to airport, they are exaggerating in their news and in their approach.

Anyhow, the aim of USA towards accusing Syria of having chemical weapons it is now the second time that would be used against Syria while Syria did not say in any time, never said that it has chemical weapons and it can use such chemical weapons in any Syrian territories against the terrorists.

They would like to show Syria that it is vulnerable, that it is weak now. No, Syria concerning the airport and the road to airport, there are certain clashes on the first section of the road to the airport because there are farms and extensive trees there, the terrorists trying to use them to make certain assaults of mortar on the road to the airport.

So the Syrian authorities and the Syrian army tried just to make safe the people and asked the people to go to the airport from other roads, from other marginal or narrow roads that the airport is still working and people are travelling from the airport but using other roads to the airport not the main one, the Autostrade one.

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