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Savage austerity cuts feed UK deficit

8 December 2012 6:50

British MP and founder of the Respect party, George Galloway says Britain is more in debt under the coalition government’s “savage austerity program” than it was before.

Speaking on Press TV’s political debate program Comment, aired on Thursday, Galloway said: “It’s just as cold as these actual climate outside. Snow is blowing outside and ice has set in on the UK economy”.

“The deficit is growing, despite all the austerity; the government owes more money two and a half years in to its savage austerity program, than it did before it started and its going to continue until 2018”, he added.

A caller on Press TV’s program from a charity called Zacchaeus Charity, Paul Nicolson told Galloway, the UK government’s benefit cuts in fuel, transport and housing have led to more poverty among Britons who can no longer afford to pay for food and resort to food banks to survive economic hardship.

Galloway responded to Nicolson’s call explaining that 1 in 16 people surveyed in the Greater London area and the “travel to work London area”, end up sleeping in their cars on some occasions instead of going home, as they simply cannot afford to come out of central London and go back in the next day to work.

“This is working people sleeping in their cars and I just thought to myself that food banks, people sleeping in their cars are too phenomenon that I never thought we’d see in Britain”, Galloway stated.

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