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Iran fends off Stuxnet virus attack on infrastructure

26 December 2012 22:33

Iran fends off Stuxnet virus attack on infrastructure The Director General of Hormozgan Province Passive Defense said that they have fended off enemy’s sabotage attempts intended to disrupt the infrastructure of the Province, industry and power systems through virus attack.
In press conference held in meeting hall of Province of Hormozgan political deputy, Ali Akbar Akhavan provided comments on the role assigned to the passive defense department against non-physical attacks by the enemy.

“Physical wars and infrastructure damage are no longer inflicted by rockets and air fighters, but by computer worms and viruses. They have been considered as good candidates to disrupt critical military and infrastructures,” he added.

He also pointed out that Stuxnet has been one of such devices in attacks to critical centers and said that in recent months, enemy has targeted Hormozgan Province industries and power systems by Stuxnet computer virus and downed them for short time, but network and IT experts significantly neutralized the damage.

Akhavan asserted that enemy has launched attempts for sabotage intended to disrupt the infrastructure of the Province via complex viruses, and said: “high-ranking authorities view the Province with due attention. They deem the Province important center for the country due to oil and other critical industries.” Accordingly, he said, proper measures have been underway to protect networks from attacks.

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